Brighton Sheet Metal is one of the leading UK specialists in sub-contract precision sheet metal products and a high technology supplier of value-added engineering solutions. In line with their policy of continual investment and to ensure that they continue to offer high efficiency, quality and value to their customers, BSM have made some exciting additions to their production plant.

New Amada EMZ3610 Punching Machine

EMZ3610 installed with load and unload capability, and automated tool change with capacity of 220 punches - the first punching machine of this type installed in the UK. Can handle sheet size up to 2.5m x 1.5m. Tapping and forming of small brackets can be carried out on this machine.

Amada astroRobotic Forming Machine

The Amada Astro 100NT Robotic Bending Cell transforms the forming operation. Offering high precision allied with exceptional speed, this new machine can be networked to Windows 3D remote control. Capable of "lights out" running, the 100NT will dramatically improve quality and productivity.

Finer finishing for a finer product

To ensure that finished products have the finest possible surface finish, a Vixen phosphating system has also been installed. This now offers quicker, easier, non-toxic environmentally friendly operation using Henkel chemicals. This results in improved paint adhesion and enhanced corrosion resistance (salt spray tests indicate 260 hours). Throughput is increased by up to a factor of 7 and the 3 metre basket can now handle much larger items.

Improvements to the in-house painting facilities include more efficent spray guns offering a finer spray with less waste.

Installation of 2 Kuhlmeyer finishing machines

3m x 1m capacity, both with multi-axis manipulation.

All processes: