Lean Manufacturing begins with First Kaizen event underway.

When Breal Capital acquired BSM earlier in the summer, it was clear from early discussions that both companies had the same interests in developing and expanding this business, and had a common goal in improving all aspects of the business through Lean practices.

No time has been wasted and just 2 months after the acquisition took place, Breal’s team of lean manufacturing experts are already leading the BSM team into their first Kaizen event, in the Paint Shop.

Kaizen teams are fully empowered to effect physical changes to
business processes and ‘bottom line’ results are delivered through teamwork, where everyone working in a business area is expected to actively participate.

BSM’s first Kaizen event programme has already delivered a quantifiable improvement in the performance of Paint Shop; specifically it has achieve:

  • Productivity Improvements of 84%
  • Annualised savings of £30K
  • 5Cs controls established
  • Visual Management systems

The Paint Shop event is just the first of many events planned for BSM, with the next Kaizen event scheduled for October 2016.

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