Implementing Kaizen

Early in 2016, the management team recognised that the marketplace was moving towards larger scale projects using single source suppliers, and BSM could better respond to these changing needs by implementing a lean manufacturing strategy.

With the support of leading industry experts, BSM have adopted The Kaizen continuous improvement philosophy. Kaizen is accelerating improvements in current overall performance levels throughout the business in terms Quality, Cost, Delivery and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The Kaizen philosophy improve performance in all areas of the business through Teamwork; everyone is expected to actively participate, and BSM’s Kaizen event programme is specifically designed to deliver significant results which impact the “bottom line” performance of the business.

Kaizen teams are fully empowered to effect physical changes to the business processes, with the entire senior management team taking responsibility for closely monitoring the Kaizen programme and offering their unequivocal support to ensure that all of the goals, aims and objectives are met in a timely manner.

To this end the management team were then tasked to produce Hoshin plans which clearly spell out the aims and objectives for the next twelve months. An integral part of the Hoshin plans is to establish a programme of Kaizen Continuous Improvement events which, in turn, underpin the achievement of all the Hoshin plans aims and objectives.


The initial draft plan of Kaizen Events was produced in June 2016, with monthly events starting from August 2016. Initial results from the first Kaizen event, in the Paint Shop, were:

  • Productivity Improvement of 84%
  • Annualised savings of £30K
  • 5Cs controls established
  • Visual Management systems

Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development, Management & SAFETY